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When should you apply green manure?


Green manuring is an agricultural technique in which living plants are grown in the soil and then returned to the soil to provide nutrients. This method helps to improve soil structure and conserve nutrients.

When should we use green manure?

Green manuring is usually applied when the soil is depleted or nutrient deficient. This technique helps restore nutrients to the soil and promotes healthy plant growth in the next growing cycle.

Green manuring can be particularly useful in the following situations:

1. improving soil structure

If soil structure is poor, for example too loose or too dense, green manuring can help improve soil structure. The roots of green herbs help loosen the soil and help improve soil drainage.

2. Improve soil nutrient supply

If the soil is nutrient deficient, green manures can help replenish nutrients. Green manure plants can take up nutrients in the soil and then return them to the soil by pushing them back into the soil.

3. Soil erosion control

Green manures can help protect soil from erosion. The roots of green manure plants help hold the soil in place and prevent it from being washed away by rainfall or wind.


Green manuring is an effective agricultural technique that helps improve soil structure, replenish nutrients and protect soil from erosion. However, it is important to properly determine when to apply this technique to achieve the best results.

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