How states and international organizations can prepare for future climate refugees, visuals

How can states and international organisations prepare to receive future climate refugees?


The impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt around the world and these impacts have consequences for people's lives and well-being. Climate change is forcing more and more people to leave their homes and seek refuge in other countries. States and international organisations need to be prepared to receive future climate refugees, to provide them with assistance and the support they need.

State measures

States have an important role to play in the reception and integration of climate refugees. As a first step, they should assess the expected refugee flows and the areas affected. This should be followed by building the infrastructure to receive and accommodate refugees. States must provide refugees with basic needs such as shelter, food and health care. It is also important that refugees have the opportunity to learn the language and culture and to integrate into the labour market.

International cooperation

The problem of climate refugees is a global one and international cooperation is needed to address it. International organisations such as UNHCR, the International Organisation for Migration and the Red Cross play an important role in supporting and protecting refugees. These organisations need to work in coordination with states to effectively manage the refugee flows and ensure the rights and safety of refugees.


The reception and integration of climate refugees involves significant costs. States and international organisations need to ensure adequate funding to provide assistance to refugees. This requires support from the international community and financial contributions from wealthier countries. Funding should provide long-term and sustainable solutions for refugees to help them start their new lives and contribute to their long-term integration.


The effects of climate change are forcing more and more people to flee their homes. States and international organisations need to prepare for the reception and integration of future climate refugees. Public action, international cooperation and adequate funding are key to successful refugee management and long-term support for refugees.

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