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What is humic acid?


Humic acid is a natural compound found in soil and plant material. It is derived from humus, which is a decomposition product of organic matter in soil. Humic acid is dark brown to black in colour and typically has a high molecular weight.


Humic acid is insoluble in water but soluble in other organic solvents such as alkalis or acids. This compound is extremely stable and resistant to degradation. In addition, humic acid contains a large amount of colloidal material which helps to improve soil structure and retain nutrients.


Humic acid has many uses. In agriculture, for example, it is used to improve soil quality and to improve the uptake of plant nutrients. Humic acid is also used in water purification, animal husbandry and environmental protection.


Humic acid plays an important role in maintaining soil health and fertility. This natural compound has many benefits and is widely used in agriculture and other industries. Research and use of humic acid can open up further opportunities for sustainable development and environmental protection.

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