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What is the role of fungi in fertiliser alternatives?


Fertilisers play an important role in providing nutrients to plants and increasing crop yields. However, the use of conventional fertilisers can cause many environmental problems such as soil depletion and water pollution. Therefore, fertiliser alternatives are gaining more and more attention as a more environmentally friendly solution. In this article, the role of fungi in fertilizer alternatives is discussed.

Mushrooms as natural fertilisers

Mushrooms have many beneficial properties that can be exploited in fertiliser alternatives. Firstly, fungi can break down organic matter such as plant residues and manure. In this way they facilitate the release and availability of nutrients to plants. In addition, fungi help improve soil structure, increase soil water retention and reduce soil erosion.

Mycorrhizal fungi

Mycorrhizal fungi play a particularly important role in fertiliser alternatives. These fungi live in symbiosis with the roots of plants and help them to absorb nutrients more efficiently. The fungi form a network with plant roots through which they exchange nutrients. In this way they increase the plants' resistance to environmental stress and disease. Mycorrhizal fungi also help to improve soil structure and optimise soil nutrient supply.

Fungi as composters

Fungi also play an important role in the composting process. During composting, fungi break down organic matter and convert it into nutrients. In this way they help the compost to mature and make nutrients available to the plants. The fungi also help break down harmful substances in the compost, resulting in cleaner and healthier compost.


Fungi play an important role in fertiliser alternatives. They can break down organic matter, improve soil structure and increase soil nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi help plants to take up nutrients and increase their resistance. They also play an important role in the composting process. Overall, fungi are an environmentally friendly and effective alternative to conventional fertilisers.

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