How climate change affects ecosystem services in local areas, visuals

How will climate change affect the services provided by local ecosystems?


Climate change is a global problem with significant impacts on different areas and ecosystems of the Earth. Local ecosystem services such as water and air quality, crop yields and biodiversity are also vulnerable to climate change. This article describes how climate change affects these services.

Water quality

Climate change affects water quality by affecting the amount and distribution of rainfall. Extreme weather events, such as floods and droughts, increase soil erosion and the leaching of pollutants into water. This has negative impacts on water quality and aquatic ecosystems.

Air quality

Climate change is also affecting air quality. Rising temperatures and droughts will increase atmospheric concentrations of pollutants, with negative impacts on human health and plants. Forest fires and the burning of biomass cause additional air pollution, which further worsens air quality.

Crop yields

Climate change also affects crop yields. Rising temperatures and drought reduce crop yields by negatively affecting plant growth and development. Extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall or prolonged droughts, can also damage crop yields.


Climate change has a significant impact on biodiversity. Many species are threatened with extinction due to habitat conversion, extreme weather events and temperature changes. This reduces biodiversity and has negative impacts on the stability and functioning of ecosystems.


Climate change affects the services provided by local ecosystems in a number of ways. Water and air quality are degraded, crop yields are reduced and biodiversity is threatened. Therefore, it is important to understand and manage the impacts of climate change in order to preserve and use the services of local ecosystems in a sustainable way.

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