The Politics of a Family Business

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Family Business

Chaos May Reign if You Hire a Relative to Work for You

Hiring a family member is not like hiring anyone else. The normal office politics can get out of control. But there are steps you can take to keep the madness in check.

Office politics is a fact of life in any business organization. Every day it seems like someone is gossiping about she said this and he said that. People argue and make up.

They bring their problems to you, they complain about others not doing their share, or someone got a bigger raise. Someone that got a promotion doesn’t deserve it or someone that should have gotten the promotion got skipped over.

And so the rumor mill keeps churning away. But what happens if the boss of a tightly nit business suddenly brings in a family member to help run the show? What was considered controlled chaos could turn into a madhouse. Keep Reading

Senior Citizens and Identity Theft

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Protecting the Elderly From Phishing Scams

Some identity thieves prefer to conduct their business the old fashioned way- by telephone, snail mail or in person. Their primary target is the elderly.

The telephone is a powerful tool for scammers that prey on senior citizens. While many senior citizens don’t use email or browse the internet, they all use the telephone. Identity thieves call elderly people and pretend to represent charities, police associations, AARP and well-known companies. Keep Reading

Blog Marketing: WordPress vs. Blogger for an Online Business Blog

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WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blog platforms. Which one should e-commerce companies use for an online business blog or blog marketing?

A company may use an online business blog to provide information about and generate interest in products and services sold offline, or as a blog marketing tool to generate e-commerce sales.

Blogs are an attractive alternative to traditional corporate website because they are more interactive and collaborative.

How do WordPress and Blogger compare for online business users? Keep Reading

Marketing Lessons from the Experts

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Marketing Gurus of the Past Two Decades Got it Right

It’s easy to learn from the marketing experts and authors – past and present.

Marketing and the work of marketing departments is ever changing, and determining what the future holds can at times get pretty fuzzy.

If you peruse the bookstores and online bookstores, there are thousands of marketing books available that cover every topic you could possibly think of — or worry about. Keep Reading

Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette

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Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette

Be polite at the cafe when doing your business

Laptop people taking over your cafe space? Are you one of those laptop people?

Here are some Coffeeshop Rules for a Oblivious Business Traveler.

Offering free WIFI costs a cafe very little, and can attract some good business. It’s a good deal for everyone, if users are conscientious about setting up shop in the coffee house. Keep Reading

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