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What are the benefits of nettle leaves in agriculture?

What are the benefits of nettle leaves in agriculture?

Nettle leaf, also known as nettle grass (Urtica dioica), is a common plant in Hungary that has many useful properties in agricultural production.

It is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner

Nettle leaves are extremely rich in nutrients, making them an excellent soil conditioner. The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contained in the leaves help to supply nutrients to the soil, which increases yields and improves plant health.

Plant protection

Many compounds in nettle leaves, such as silicic acid and flavonoids, have natural plant protective effects. These compounds help protect plants from harmful pathogens and insects, reducing chemical use and environmental stress.


Nettle leaves are excellent for composting. The organic matter in the leaf decomposes quickly and is converted into nutrients that can be easily taken up by plants. Adding nettle leaves to compost improves its quality and nutrient content.

Shading and mulching

The large leaves of nettle leaves are excellent for shading and mulching. Shading helps retain soil moisture, reducing water loss and soil drying. Mulching prevents the growth of weeds and protects the soil from erosion.

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