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Which biostimulants can be used in agriculture?

Which biostimulants can be used in agriculture?

Biostimulants are substances or microorganisms that stimulate plant growth, development and stress tolerance. Biostimulants are widely used in agriculture to help farmers increase the quantity and quality of their crops.

What are biostimulants?

Biostimulants can be different types of substances, such as plant extracts, algae, amino acids, humic acids, micro-organisms and other natural substances. These substances have a variety of effects on plants, such as stimulating root growth, improving nutrient uptake, increasing stress tolerance and enhancing flowering and fruit set.

Which biostimulants can be used in agriculture?

There are a number of biostimulants used in agriculture that serve different purposes. Some examples of the most commonly used biostimulants are:

  • Humic acids: Humic acids are natural substances that improve soil structure and water retention. They also help plants to absorb nutrients.
  • Amino acids: Amino acids stimulate plant growth and development and increase stress tolerance. They also help plants to better absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • Plant extracts: Phytohormones and other bioactive substances in plant extracts stimulate plant growth and development. They also improve stress tolerance and increase yields.
  • Micro-organisms: Certain micro-organisms, such as rhizosphere bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, help plants to obtain nutrients from the soil and increase stress tolerance and disease resistance.

These are just a few examples of biostimulants used in agriculture. It is important to note that the effectiveness and use of biostimulants depends on the crop species, growing conditions and grower practices. The use of biostimulants offers farmers the opportunity to achieve more sustainable and efficient agricultural production.

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