Research trends photo: hydrogen storage and transport

What research is being done to increase the efficiency of hydrogen storage and transport?


Hydrogen is one of the most promising sustainable-alternatives-to-traditional-building-materials/">alternative energy carriers that can contribute to a sustainable energy supply in the long term. However, the storage and transport of hydrogen is still a challenging area where much research is focused.

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen storage is key to its efficient and safe use. Currently, hydrogen is stored in a variety of ways, such as under pressure, in liquid form or in chemical compounds. However, these methods are not always efficient or economical.

Research aims to increase the efficiency of hydrogen storage and to improve storage methods. For example, nanotechnology offers the potential to develop materials for hydrogen storage with higher storage capacity and lower weight.

Transport of hydrogen

Transporting hydrogen is also challenging because hydrogen is extremely light and flammable. Currently, hydrogen is mainly transported by pipeline or in special containers. However, these methods have limited efficiency and safety.

Research aims to increase the efficiency of hydrogen transport and to develop safe and economical methods of transport. For example, the development of materials and technologies to transport hydrogen, such as nanoparticles containing hydrogen storage materials or carrier materials to facilitate hydrogen transport.


Increasing the efficiency of hydrogen storage and transport is key to the deployment of hydrogen-based energy. Continued research and development will hopefully lead to innovative solutions that will enable the efficient and safe storage and transport of hydrogen.

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