Mechanical vs chemical recycling of plastic illustration, demo video

What is mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic waste?


The management and recycling of plastic waste is a priority for sustainable development. A significant proportion of plastics do not degrade naturally, so it is important that they are properly managed and recycled.

Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling is a process of recycling plastic waste. This process involves the shredding, cleaning and remelting of plastic waste. The recycled plastics produced can then be reused in the manufacture of different products, such as plastic bottles or packaging materials.

Chemical recycling

Chemical recycling is another method of recycling plastic waste. This process involves breaking down plastic waste through chemical reactions and then reusing the resulting materials to make other plastics. This method allows plastic waste to be recycled without losing the original plastic properties.


Mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic waste is key to sustainable development. Both methods allow plastic waste to be reused, reducing the environmental impact and the use of raw materials. It is important that we recycle as much plastic waste as possible and thus contribute to protecting our environment.

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