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How can industrial robots help increase energy efficiency?

How can industrial robots help increase energy efficiency?

The role and importance of industrial robots in modern sustainable-and-energy-efficient-manufacturing-processes/">manufacturing processes is constantly growing. They not only increase productivity and efficiency, but also contribute to improving energy efficiency. Below we show how industrial robots can help to increase energy efficiency.

Automated energy use

Industrial robots enable the automation and optimisation of energy use. Intelligent control systems enable robots to reduce energy consumption to the minimum necessary. For example, if a robot senses that no further energy consumption is required, it can automatically switch itself off or switch to a lower power consumption mode.

Energy efficient movement

Industrial robots are designed with a strong emphasis on energy-efficient motion. Low-friction bearings, lightweight materials and efficient drive systems help robots use less energy to move. In addition, thanks to the precision movements of robots, less energy is required to machine or move workpieces.

Monitoring energy consumption

Industrial robots can monitor and report on energy consumption. This allows manufacturers to monitor energy consumption and identify areas for energy efficiency improvements. The data can be used to optimise manufacturing processes and settings to minimise energy use.

Energy recovery

One of the advantages of industrial robots is their ability to recover energy. For example, when the robot slows down or stops, kinetic energy can be returned to the system. This reduces energy consumption and optimises the production process.

Industrial robots therefore play a significant role in increasing energy efficiency. Automated energy use, energy efficient motion, energy monitoring and energy recovery all contribute to sustainable and efficient manufacturing. The use of industrial robots is becoming more widespread and will play an even greater role in increasing energy efficiency in the future.

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