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What techniques can we use at home to save water?

What techniques can we use at home to save water?

Water conservation is an important part of sustainable living. There are many techniques we can use in our homes to help reduce water consumption. Here are some effective ways to help you save water.


Drip taps can waste a significant amount of water. It is important to check and repair these taps regularly. A drip tap can waste up to 20 litres of water per day. Replacing the seals on your taps or repairing them completely can help reduce water wastage.

2. Optimise your irrigation system

Watering your garden can also save a lot of water. Optimising your irrigation system can help reduce water consumption. Use a drip system or a sprinkler head to target water to the roots of the plants. Also make sure that you water during less hot periods of the day so that water does not evaporate too quickly.

3. Use a bathtub instead of a shower

Showering uses much more water than bathing. If you have the option, choose a bath rather than a shower. This will save a significant amount of water.

4. Use a water-saving toilet

Many toilets in the home are of the traditional, water-wasting type. However, water-saving toilets that use less water are now available. These toilets have two modes of flushing: low flush or two different flush modes. Using such toilets can help reduce water consumption.

5. Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is an effective way to save water. Install a rainwater harvesting system to collect some of the rainwater and use it, for example, to water the garden or flush the toilet. This can reduce household water consumption.

By using the techniques mentioned above, you can significantly reduce the water consumption of your home. It is important for all of us to use water responsibly and to strive for a sustainable lifestyle.

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