J-Curve and Price Trend Forecasts

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Ford Service

How Macroeconomic Events Can Filter Down into Personal Investing

Analyzing and utilizing the J-Curve Effect when deciding in which industry, sector, or even country, to invest.

Let us begin with a few basics of how international trade and foreign exchange impacts a country’s economy, but from the macroeconomic point of view.

It is common knowledge that since the mid-1970s, the majority of world economies have adopted freely floating (flexible) exchange rates, which have considerable bearing on how international trade is conducted, as well as on a country’s macroeconomics. Keep Reading

Late to Work Excuses

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Late From Work

The best late to work excuses are those that digress from the truth to the least possible extent.

Running late to work is something that happens to most people at some point of time.

Personal conditions such as a sick family member, medical emergencies, a need to be present in the kid’s school and the like all rank amongst the most common late to work excuses.

Frequent lateness for these reasons implies a serious work-life conflict that could necessitate remedial action. Keep Reading

Buying Homes for Quick Resale?

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Real Estate Villa

Flipping Homes for Fun and Profit

With a wealth of real estate related television series promoting a quick fix and resale of homes, the average consumer is starting to explore getting in for a quick buck.

Flipping homes is not just about finding the cheap fixer and doing a quick fix. There are perils that can seriously jeopardize your ability to make a profit on the flip.

Big-ticket items like heating, cooling, wiring; plumbing and structural issues can come into play. Financial concerns such as overpaying, and construction costs can become a major issue as well. Finally, there is stress and physical labor involved. Keep Reading

Top Ten Rules of Great Customer Service

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Great Customer Service

How To Train Staff About The Methods of Excellent Service

Customer service, in the simplest terms, is logic. Customer service agents should consider how they themselves would like to be treated at every opportunity.

The old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is like a mantra in the world of customer service.

There are many wonderful staff members out there who may have the best of intentions but don’t seem to have any idea how to go about carrying them toward a successful conclusion.

Customer service agents should look themselves in the mirror before each shift and ask, “Would you like to be serviced by you?” Keep Reading

Core Competency Frameworks

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Competency Framework

Enhancing Performance Management Systems

Work based competencies provide a common language to describe how employees should behave in particular work and job related areas and help to improve performance.

Core competency frameworks help to contribute towards organizational performance management systems and individual career development.

They describe the key skills and behaviors required to undertake certain roles. Keep Reading

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