Developing a Market Research Report

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Market Survey

When entering a new market or new business, a market research report based upon business intelligence data should be undertaken or if possible, purchased.

Often one of the critical decisions facing a business is whether or not to enter a new market or start a new business venture.

Certainly, money spent in developing a realistic market research report before operations have commenced is worth the time and effort. Keep Reading

How to Attract Customers Looking for Quality

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Customer Focus

Tips and Tricks to Target New Clients Who Want Value

Tips how to target and attract quality customers who want value for their money and not just bargain-buying.

Customers relationship and marketing strategies are important for any business to thrive. With the advent of the Internet, aside from direct marketing there are email marketing and web marketing used by small/home based businesses.

Internet marketers also talk a lot about search engine marketing. Keeping customers and attracting new ones is the only way any business can survive, and grow. Keep Reading

Things to Consider When Pricing Products

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Product Pricing

Effective Product Pricing Strategy for Business Owners

Tips for small business owners to determine the price of a new product.

Effective product pricing concerns six factors.

Establishing an effective pricing strategy for new products is an art. Reaching that delicate balance between consumer demand and product value generally takes a great deal of research and insight especially when trying to price products in a competitive marketplace. Keep Reading

Successful Interactive Leadership

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Successful Interactive Leadership

Professional Perception and Consequences of Communication

In all social interactions, it is wise to observe and listen with an open mind, process perceptions with wisdom and present with respect for others. Keep Reading

Business Tips for Team Success

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Team Success

Teamwork Politics for Large and Small Business Ventures

Robert Reich (1987) Tales of a New America: “… Modern science and technology is too complicated for one brain…” quoted,Teamwork, Carl Larson & Frank LaFasto.

Large and small businesses have found that effective teamwork is comprised of a variety of team members with very different ideas. Two or more people with a specific performance objective or recognizable goal assembles for coordination of activity and ideas.

In order for the teams to achieve the goal, agreement of the end result should be clear, but the steps to the goal requires open minds with differing creative ideas. Keep Reading

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