Increasing Correlation and How it Affects Stock Market Strategies

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Globalization and ETFs are Changing Markets

Increasing volatility and correlation are changing investment fundamentals. This article outlines stock market investment strategies using ETFs.

The proliferation of growth of Exchange Traded Funds ETFs and the increasing economic inter linkage of the global economy are believed to be behind some fundamental changes in financial markets.

In particular, correlations are seen as being on the uptrend. Stock correlations with their index and sector are seen as rising, as is the correlations between asset classes. Keep Reading

Six Sigma Principles

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Six Sigma

Lean Principles of Six Sigma

The concept of Six sigma strives to eliminate defects to an extent of reducing the failure risk to a mere 3.4 parts per million for every transaction service or product.

Six sigma actually stands for Six Standard Deviations (Sigma is a Greek letter that represents standard deviation in statistics). It is a comprehensive methodology that follows an extremely flexible system to achieve, sustain and maximize business success.

The core of sigma is based on understanding the needs of the customer, accurate and disciplined use of statistical data and factual information and constant engagement in managing, improving and reinventing the work modules. Keep Reading

Character Reference Letter Templates

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Reference Templates

Need to write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker or friend?

Learn what to include; see these free sample character reference letter templates.

A person with character displays moral excellence and firmness (as in “a man of sound character”). In this context, being “moral” refers to knowing the principles of right and wrong behavior. Keep Reading

Retaining Ethical Standards in Tough Times

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Ethical Standards

How to Stay True to Company Values When Others Want to Cheat

When a company is running in the red, it is easy to be tempted to give into situational ethics. This article discusses ways to maintain corporate integrity in hard times.

Business ethics standards can be a tough sale when an enterprise is struggling to survive.

But, does an organization have to throw its ideals out the window in order to continue operations in economic downturns?

A better question is: how does an entity maintain ethical standards in tough economic times?

This article discusses five tips to retain corporate integrity in a severe downturn. Keep Reading

The Consequences of Micromanaging

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Keeping a Close Tab on Employees May Lead to Mistrust

Although some managers may believe that keeping a close eye on employees leads to more productive employees, the opposite is true.

Managing a business and its employees can be a stressful situation. For those who have started a business from scratch, it may be even more difficult to let go of some of the managerial duties.

However, micromanaging a business’ operations and its employees can have dire consequences on the health of an organization. Keep Reading

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