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How does the bioeconomy contribute to sustainable development?


Organic farming is a form of farming that focuses on sustainability and production/">environmental protection. In organic farming, production takes special care to conserve natural resources and minimise environmental impacts. In this way, organic farming contributes to achieving sustainable development.

Benefits of the bioeconomy

The bioeconomy has many advantages for sustainable development. Firstly, organic farming uses only natural raw materials and methods for crop and livestock production. This reduces the use of chemicals and minimises environmental pollution.

Secondly, waste management is a priority in organic farming. Organic waste is composted and then used as fertiliser in crop production. This reduces the amount of waste going to landfills and increases soil fertility.

Thirdly, the use of renewable energy sources also plays an important role in the bioeconomy. In biogas plants, gas from organic matter is used as energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide emissions.

Impact of the bioeconomy on sustainable development

The bioeconomy has a significant impact on sustainable development. Through the benefits mentioned above, the bioeconomy contributes to reducing environmental pressures and conserving natural resources. In this way, the bioeconomy is a more sustainable form of farming in the long term, which contributes to the sustainable development of our planet.

In addition, the methods and technologies used in the bioeconomy can be an inspiration for other farming sectors. In order to achieve sustainable development, it is important that other farmers also adopt environmentally friendly solutions and methods in organic farming.


The bioeconomy is a key factor for sustainable development. The use of environmentally friendly methods and technologies in organic farming helps to reduce environmental pressures and conserve natural resources. It can also be an inspiration for other farming sectors to operate in a more sustainable way. The bioeconomy therefore plays an important role in achieving sustainable development.

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