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What are carbon neutralisation strategies?

What is carbon neutralisation?

Carbon neutralisation is a process that aims to reduce or neutralise carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to minimise the impact on climate change. Carbon neutralisation strategies use different methods to reduce emissions and neutralise remaining emissions.

Increasing energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency is an effective carbon neutralisation strategy. It involves reducing energy consumption by using more efficient technologies and processes. For example, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, using energy-efficient contribute-to-reducing-the-ecological-footprint/">appliances and favouring energy-efficient means of transport can all contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

Use of obnovateľné energy sources

The use of obnovateľné energy sources also plays an important role in carbon neutrality. Such energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower, do not produce carbon dioxide during use. The use of energy from these sources reduces the use of fossil fuels and thus reduces emissions.

Developing carbon neutral technologies

Developing carbon neutral technologies is another important strategy for achieving carbon neutrality. Examples of such technologies include carbon capture equipment, which can filter emitted carbon dioxide out of the air, and carbon storage and recovery technologies, which allow the reuse of emitted carbon dioxide.

Carbon credits and offsetting

Carbon credits and offsets are another approach to achieving carbon neutrality. This strategy allows companies and organisations to buy emission credits or to participate in carbon neutral projects such as reforestation or the development of renewable energy sources. In this way they offset their own emissions and contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

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