How to Achieve Work – Life Balance for Small Business Owners

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Small Business Balance

Tips for small business owners and work from home entrepreneurs toward achieving a more stable work/life balance.

The danger with small business owners is when they try to do everything, becoming ineffective from over-exhaustion.

Workaholism may be a “respectable” form of addiction, but it is still as detrimental to health as any other addictions.

Small business owners need to look after themselves before they can speak of the well-being of their business. This means a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Keep Reading

The Consequences of Micromanaging

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Keeping a Close Tab on Employees May Lead to Mistrust

Although some managers may believe that keeping a close eye on employees leads to more productive employees, the opposite is true.

Managing a business and its employees can be a stressful situation. For those who have started a business from scratch, it may be even more difficult to let go of some of the managerial duties.

However, micromanaging a business’ operations and its employees can have dire consequences on the health of an organization. Keep Reading

Office Politics: Navigating the Minefields

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Office Politics

Office politics impact employers and employees alike, so it is important to understand how to navigate the minefields in order to ensure a positive work environment.

Laura was excited to begin her new position as a Supervisor and decided to meet with her two team members individually to get a better sense of the group dynamics and current team operations.

What she hadn’t expected is for one of her new employees to dish the dirt on the entire department including another supervisor, one of Laura’s peers. Keep Reading

How to Cope with Conflict in the Workplace

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Business Conflict

Workplace conflict is a major source of stress and it is important for employers to take an active stance and help employees develop respect for each other.

Especially in today‘s difficult economic times, the workplace can often be an extremely stressful environment with many people fearing being made redundant.

This extra stress placed on both employees and employers to keep performing may lead to very high levels of conflict within the work environment. Keep Reading

Simple Ways To Improve Workplace Morale

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There are several key ways to increase and improve morale in the workplace including practical suggestions such as having a weekly dress-down day.

Especially in today’s difficult financial climate with more and more people being made redundant or currently unemployed, morale can be rather poor.

There are a range of simple ways which may help to both increase and improve morale within the workplace making for a happier and hopefully more productive workforce environment. Keep Reading

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