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Effective Strategic Planning in Non-Profits

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Non-profit organizations exist to accomplish a specific mission that assists society in general, and in particular, cares for a need in a specific sector of society.

To accomplish this mission well, non-profits need to develop an effective strategic plan. Keep Reading

Use Balanced Scorecard and Build Alignment

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Balanced Scorecard 2017

Alignment is Critical Success Factor of Effective Strategy Execution

A Balanced Scorecard is an effective tool for strategy management. However, without alignment between the board and all of the business units strategy execution can fail.

Kaplan and Norton published their book ten years ago: Alignment: Using the Balanced Scorecard to Create Corporate Synergies. It is a testament to the popularity and usefulness of the original concept, and its subsequent development, that the Balanced Scorecard movement is still going strong since the release of the original article in 1992 and the first book in 1996. Keep Reading

Best Marketing Strategies for Maximum Sales

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Market Research 2017

Combining Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising and PR

Business success in the current globally competitive market requires strategic and innovative combination of market research, brand management, advertising and PR.

Difficulties in achieving optimum sales and profits sometimes get managers of corporate organizations and businesses wondering whether they are in the right kind of business. Keep Reading

How to Develop Business Strategies for Success: Strategy is a Roadmap for Businesses to Go Where They Want to Go

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business development

Business strategy development starts with a look at the existing situation of the business by answering questions like:

  • Do the businesses in existing portfolio constitute a good fit?
  • Does the company have any competitive strengths?
  • What approach is best for exploiting opportunities in tomorrow’s world?

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