Psychology in Sales

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Is Psychology Important in the Sales World?

They say that sales is all about attitude and confidence.

Well this is half right, you do need the right attitude and confidence but you also need to understand people.

Why is Psychology Important?

Well the basics of psychology are the basics or all human communication. If we understand how a person thinks, how to influence them their thinking and communicate with them properly we can learn how to how to sell to them more effectively.

We are all driven by need and want. We all have basic needs such as food and water but we all want the nicer types of food and drink. Our wants drive our emotions which may have been triggered by our needs. Keep Reading

Sales Integrity: Selling Well Without Selling Your Soul

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Sales Integrity

Selling Well Without Selling Your Soul

A great salesperson is an honest one. Contrary to all stereotypes, sales is a profession where integrity counts. You can sell well without selling out. Keep Reading

How to Successfully Close a Sale

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Closing sales

Tips and Techniques to Close Sales and Prepare the Needed Orders

Customer management and marketing tips to effectively close a sale, considered the most difficult in the selling process before forging a new customer relationship.

Anyone in business wants a sale, more sales!

Closing a sale needs to be handled with tact, whether the potential customer is buying a franchise, a business or other simpler products.

It is important to guide customers to a point at which they are confident in accepting the business offer or product. Keep Reading

Sales VS Marketing

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Sales VS Marketing

The sales and marketing departments within an organization are inextricably linked.

While the marketing function within an organization aims to establish the requirements of actual and prospective customers and promoting the company’s products or services, the sales department actively sells the company’s products to customers.

The fundamental distinction between the two departments is that

  • the marketing department’s efforts cost the organization expenses
  • whereas the sales department generates revenue to the company. Keep Reading
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