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Senior Citizens and Identity Theft

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Protecting the Elderly From Phishing Scams

Some identity thieves prefer to conduct their business the old fashioned way- by telephone, snail mail or in person. Their primary target is the elderly.

The telephone is a powerful tool for scammers that prey on senior citizens. While many senior citizens don’t use email or browse the internet, they all use the telephone. Identity thieves call elderly people and pretend to represent charities, police associations, AARP and well-known companies. Keep Reading

Conflict Resolution Methods

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Work Conflict

Resolving Issues through Effective Conflict Mediation

Leaders are responsible for creating a working environment that engages people and allows them to contribute and thrive.

If disagreements occur and escalate into interpersonal conflict, leaders must intervene immediately to restore balance into the workplace. Keep Reading

Collaborative Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

The problem management process can easily end up in conflict, but the challenge for every team is how this problem is solved.

The difference between a high performance team and a dysfunctional is team is their approach towards collaborative problem solving. Keep Reading

Four Practices to Integrate Multinational Teams

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Multinational Team

How to Promote Trust and Cooperation in a Cross-Cultural Company

More organizations have staff from different sociocultural backgrounds. This article discusses how to assimilate an international team for greater productivity.

In this age of globalization with the mass migration of human talent from one country to another, more organizations are employing multinational workers who were reared in vastly different cultural contexts. Keep Reading

Causes of Workplace Burnout

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Workplace Burnout

Avoid Burnout to Increase Job Satisfaction and Business Productivity

Workplace burnout is a major factor impacting employee well-being and business productivity in a time of economic change and disappearing work-leisure boundaries.

Burnout occurs when the reality of work fails to met expectations, and it is a main reason employee job satisfaction can drop in the workplace.

Workplace burnout’s victims usually begin with the best of intentions. Sufferers come from the ranks of teachers, social workers and others looking to make a difference, but no one is immune.

United States workers get less time off (an average 15 days plus holidays) than most industrialized nations, so with so much time spent on the job, unhappiness at work carries over to all aspects of life. Keep Reading

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