Ten Steps to Starting a Business

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Starting a Business

Lessons Learned about Competencies in Business Start-ups

While small businesses can be quite different from one another there is commonality in the steps they go through to launch a successful start-up.

A robust business start will follow this process to get through the first weeks and months on a solid footing. Keep Reading

Top 5 Strategic Planning Mistakes Companies Make

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Strategic Planning

Ways to Improve Business Alignment with Strategy

Strategic planning is a difficult proposition in many organizations, but getting it right can improve a company’s agility in an increasingly changing business climate.

Many organization find they do not get the desired results from their efforts in strategic planning.

They often find difficulty in having strategies and plans motivate real action and provide value to the company. That follow-through — getting real business results — is a significant issue for many businesses. Keep Reading

Planning for Growth

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Business Growth

Visualizing the Next Two Growth Stages Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Businesses grow in phases. By visualizing your company’s next two stages of growth, you’ll know where it’s headed and how to prepare.

Most businesses don’t grow smoothly; they grow in a series of fits and starts. Keep Reading

Tips for Creating an MLM Business Plan

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Creating MLM

Making the Most of Online or Offline Multi Level Marketing Companies

When someone looks at getting into an MLM business, he should pay attention to what’s being offered and what he’s required to do.

Having a plan can help that decision.

When someone starts up a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, he generally goes about it one of two ways:

  • He assumes that he’s going to get rich quick, so he grabs the MLM opportunity and runs without taking the time to do any research, or
  • He realizes that it’s a business and he takes his time, focusing on the pros and cons, comes up with a plan, and proceeds if he thinks it’s worthwhile.

Keep Reading

Developing Leaders – Smart Tips for Succession Planning

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Developing Leaders

Succession planning and developing the leaders within is no longer only for the company HR department.

Best leaders know that they are not indispensable and need to succession plan so that the organization can continue to grow.

Developing leadership is top of mind for smart organizations and business leaders are always looking ahead and planning for the next in line.

Searching for talent among the team helps the leader identify who a potential replacement could be. How does a leader find this candidate? Keep Reading

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