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Why You Need a Financial Plan

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financial planning

Financial Success Rarely Happens by Accident

Many people do not have a financial plan, yet they want to be financially successful. Good financial planning paves the way to financial success.

It is often said that people spend more time planning their next vacation than they spend planning for their future. This is certainly understandable, because vacations are fun.

Figuring out how to pay off debts, put the kids through college, reduce tax exposure, and retire without running out of money is not so much fun. It is, however, very necessary. A written financial plan adds structure, direction, and objectivity to these weighty decisions. Keep Reading

Tips For Choosing a Financial Planner

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Financial Planner

How to Find a Financial Advisor

Choosing the right financial planner is the most important step in managing your money. This article discusses the important things to consider for finding your advisor.

You have graduated from school and have landed a good job. You have paid off your debt (at least partially) and now you are looking to invest some of your hard earned money.

The only trouble is that things like IRA and P/E ratio sounds Greek to you. So how do you foray into the confusing world of investing? Keep Reading

Marriage and Money

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Marriage and Money

How to Work with Your Spouse on Saving More and Spending Less

A lot of couples fight about money. How to make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to finances. And what to do if you’re not.

If you’re broke, you and your spouse probably fight about it. If you have money, you and your partner most likely argue about how to spend it. Money is a constant source of friction in many American households. Keep Reading

A Guide to Financial Planners

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Financial Planning

Understand how Financial Advisors Operate

Not all financial advisers operate in the same manner. Learn about their major differences before entrusting a financial planner with hard earned money.

Financial planning is not just a luxury of the rich; it is a must for everyone.

Personal financial advisors, financial planners, and financial consultants, etc., are money management professionals who utilize the financial planning process to help individuals in sustaining wealth, or obtaining future wealth, and planning for retirement.

Generally, there is one major difference in the way financial planners operate; it is of vital importance to understand this main difference before seeking their services. Keep Reading

Learning from Financial Scandals

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Financial Scandals

The era of recent financial scandals has turned the spotlight on the need for more transparency, more disclosure, and more thorough analyses of available information.

When analyzing a company, investors and analysts alike focus on the company’s financial and operating performance. However, what makes any such analysis potentially flawed is the fact that information used is actually provided by someone else. Unless investors are willing to dig in deeper!

Financial reporting is the responsibility of public issuers. Financial information must be presented in a clear, easy to understand, relevant, reliable and comparable manner.

What makes the disclosed information relevant is its transparency, and more importantly, its accuracy.

A bounty of information is made available on any given day. Unfortunately, while there are companies that choose to go above and beyond the minimum required disclosures, there are also quite a few companies that go well below them. This is where looking at the presented information critically becomes a necessity. Keep Reading

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