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Blog Marketing: WordPress vs. Blogger for an Online Business Blog

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WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blog platforms. Which one should e-commerce companies use for an online business blog or blog marketing?

A company may use an online business blog to provide information about and generate interest in products and services sold offline, or as a blog marketing tool to generate e-commerce sales.

Blogs are an attractive alternative to traditional corporate website because they are more interactive and collaborative.

How do WordPress and Blogger compare for online business users? Keep Reading

How to Successfully Close a Sale

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Closing sales

Tips and Techniques to Close Sales and Prepare the Needed Orders

Customer management and marketing tips to effectively close a sale, considered the most difficult in the selling process before forging a new customer relationship.

Anyone in business wants a sale, more sales!

Closing a sale needs to be handled with tact, whether the potential customer is buying a franchise, a business or other simpler products.

It is important to guide customers to a point at which they are confident in accepting the business offer or product. Keep Reading

Best Marketing Strategies for Maximum Sales

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Market Research 2017

Combining Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising and PR

Business success in the current globally competitive market requires strategic and innovative combination of market research, brand management, advertising and PR.

Difficulties in achieving optimum sales and profits sometimes get managers of corporate organizations and businesses wondering whether they are in the right kind of business. Keep Reading

Advertising Funnels for Small Businesses: Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Methods

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small business marketing

There are endless advertising opportunities online and affline, but not all of them are profitable for small businesses.

All small businesses need customers in order to try to remain profitable and stay in operation.

One of the best ways of attracting and retaining customers is through advertising.

Advertising used to be through the mass media and extremely expensive, but with the growth of the Internet, online advertising has become much more targeted, and affordable.

This has opened up more years ago a totally new world of opportunities for small businesses, provided their owners know the advantages and disadvantages of each and plan their campaigns carefully. Keep Reading

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