Conflict Resolution Methods

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Work Conflict

Resolving Issues through Effective Conflict Mediation

Leaders are responsible for creating a working environment that engages people and allows them to contribute and thrive.

If disagreements occur and escalate into interpersonal conflict, leaders must intervene immediately to restore balance into the workplace. Keep Reading

Successful Interactive Leadership

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Successful Interactive Leadership

Professional Perception and Consequences of Communication

In all social interactions, it is wise to observe and listen with an open mind, process perceptions with wisdom and present with respect for others. Keep Reading

Collaborative Problem Solving

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Problem Solving

The problem management process can easily end up in conflict, but the challenge for every team is how this problem is solved.

The difference between a high performance team and a dysfunctional is team is their approach towards collaborative problem solving. Keep Reading

Authentic Leadership & Challenges of Building Character at Work

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Greatest Leaders

Truly successful leaders are authentic in word and action, but there are challenges authentic leader must face to build character in the workplace.

Scholars and business experts have written a lot about authentic leadership and how crucial it is to leading in today’s complex organizations.

In The Leadership Challenge, authors Kouzes and Posner define authentic leadership as doing what you say you will do and holding others to the same standard.

The authors explain how leaders who lead by example foster respect, loyalty and commitment, and set the tone for how a leader wants the people he or she leads to behave. Keep Reading

Quality Leadership, Quality Work

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Good Leadership

Employer Leadership is Essential for Quality Work Performance

Honing leadership skill, knowledge and responsibility and passing it on to subordinates can improve employee morale and improve performance quality. Keep Reading

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