Company vs. Stock Valuation

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Company vs Stock value

Differentiating Growth, Defensive, Speculative and Cyclical Types

Identifying which companies are the pick of the litter and determining whether the intrinsic value of their stocks is above or below required rates of return.

Although it may not appear as a clearly drawn line, there is a difference between analyzing a company and evaluating its stock.

Generally, company analyses require not only examining key fundamentals, but also evaluating them within the overall economic and industry contexts, while stock evaluations involve determining stocks’ intrinsic values and identifying which are overvalued and which are undervalued compared to their respective risk levels. Keep Reading

How to Buy Company: Binary Nature of Investing

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Warren Buffett

Exploit Investing Dualities When Constructing Your Portfolios

When making investment decisions, there are always two sides of the coin to consider.

It was Warren Buffett who once said, “Buy a business, don’t rent stocks.”

Yet, words of the Oracle of Omaha are far too often ignored, as many investors make the mistake of focusing on stocks and their performances in the stock markets at the expense of focusing on the actual businesses they are buying into.

Agreed, this sounds very much like making a distinction without a difference, but bear with us. Keep Reading

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