Recruiting for Creativity

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Recruiting for Creativity

Interviewing Tools to Help Attract Creative Candidates

How can creativity be assessed? Are there assessment tools, interviewing techniques and workplace practices that can unveil and enhance people’s inherent resourcefulness?

Creativity can be hard to define and pinpoint. It is a mixed bag of intelligence, imagination, and the ability to see things from a fresh perspective, to say the least.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that innovative individuals are characterized by the ability to see both the concrete and abstract, to be spontaneous and expressive, and able to go with the flow. Keep Reading

Innovation Management for Business Survival

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Innovation Management

Managing Innovation Requires a Specific Organizational Culture

A major product innovation can create short-term success for an organization while a culture of continuing innovation can create long-term competitive business advantage.

All successful new products will be imitated sooner or later in a competitive market. On the other hand, a steady flow of small innovations on the factory floor, customer service and other operational areas is likely to remain invisible.

Though invisible, they will be reducing costs and/or enhancing customer satisfaction and improving the bottom line. Keep Reading

Why Are There so Few Innovative Managers?

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How to Foster More Innovation in Your Organization

Innovation is critical to business success.

Does this mean that managers need to be more innovative or should they be better at fostering it in others?

Business gurus constantly call for managers to be more innovative. It was because managers were felt to be poor innovators in the late 1970s and early 80s that there was a great hue and cry to replace them with leaders, especially in North America where industry was getting battered by Japanese competition.

Today, most modern businesses are more innovative than they were 40 years ago but managers are still pushed to become better innovators. We need to understand why they aren’t innovative enough, whether they should be and what can be done about the need for faster innovation. Keep Reading

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