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Buying a House as an Investment – in Australia

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House investment

How to Make More Money and Get Tax Relief via Home Ownership

In Australia, the home is a growth asset and can be used to make more investments. Plus, owning a home is tax effective.

Owning a home has always been considered the great Australian dream. For the uninitiated or prospective first home buyers, it’s important to know that buying a house is an investment too.

Here’s a quick look at how home ownership can create more wealth and help home owners reap some tax benefits. Keep Reading

How to Avoid Problems in Projects

in Business Management
Project Management

Project Management in the Modern Business Environment

The primary purpose of project management is to predict negative potential outcomes in a business venture and to implant effective mitigation.

The omnipresent nature of uncertainty in every business model means that events and tasks leading to a project’s completion can never simply be unfolded with unequivocal predictive accuracy.

Moreover, for some innovative, groundbreaking and complex projects, even the possibility of successful conclusion is by no means a certainty. Keep Reading

Four Practices to Integrate Multinational Teams

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Multinational Team

How to Promote Trust and Cooperation in a Cross-Cultural Company

More organizations have staff from different sociocultural backgrounds. This article discusses how to assimilate an international team for greater productivity.

In this age of globalization with the mass migration of human talent from one country to another, more organizations are employing multinational workers who were reared in vastly different cultural contexts. Keep Reading

Business Permanent Cost Reduction Strategies

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Business Cost Reduction

How to Cut Company Expenses over the Long Term

Companies that have had a major decline in business need to have solutions for reducing expenses that will continue to be effective over the long term.

When a business finds itself in financial difficulty, it has two options to turn around the situation, either grow revenues or reduce expenses.

Revenue growth is often outside the control of management, and the decision to spend money can be made internally.

Short term measures can work during a crisis, but if a company is losing market share permanently, if there is a prolonged recession, or if the industry is in decline, effective long term solutions are required. Keep Reading

How To Pay off Credit Card Debt

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Credit Card Debt

High Borrowing Rates Generate Compound Interest

Credit card users who find themselves in debt for large amounts of money need to take action to pay off the cards.

Large balances have multiple negative impacts on consumers:

  1. Interest costs mount up quickly due to high interest rates.
  2. Consumers have difficulty saving for large purchases, such as a down payment on a home or vehicle.
  3. Large balances lower credit scores, which may result in higher rates on other loans.
  4. Balances owed count toward debt ratio calculations when financing a home.

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