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How to Invest Money Smartly

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Investing Tips for New Investors

Learn investing basics such as diversifying investments, investing for the long term, resisting stock speculations and understanding investment market cycles.

As with most money-making ventures, investing works best if investors have developed certain plans or strategies. Not sure how to invest money smartly?

Here are some investing tips that new investors can look into before parting with their hard earned money. Keep Reading

How to Achieve Work – Life Balance for Small Business Owners

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Small Business Balance

Tips for small business owners and work from home entrepreneurs toward achieving a more stable work/life balance.

The danger with small business owners is when they try to do everything, becoming ineffective from over-exhaustion.

Workaholism may be a “respectable” form of addiction, but it is still as detrimental to health as any other addictions.

Small business owners need to look after themselves before they can speak of the well-being of their business. This means a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Keep Reading

How to Make Money With an IPO

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New Public Companies Offer Opportunities in the Stock Market

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) often provides a wonderful opportunity for investors, large and small, to generate excellent profits from the stock exchange.

The first step, for newer or student investors, is to understand the nature and meaning of an IPO.

This knowledge must stretch beyond the definition and extend to the historical realities of initial public offerings and the basis behind an IPO that generates interest. Keep Reading

Buying a House as an Investment – in Australia

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House investment

How to Make More Money and Get Tax Relief via Home Ownership

In Australia, the home is a growth asset and can be used to make more investments. Plus, owning a home is tax effective.

Owning a home has always been considered the great Australian dream. For the uninitiated or prospective first home buyers, it’s important to know that buying a house is an investment too.

Here’s a quick look at how home ownership can create more wealth and help home owners reap some tax benefits. Keep Reading

How to Avoid Problems in Projects

in Business Management
Project Management

Project Management in the Modern Business Environment

The primary purpose of project management is to predict negative potential outcomes in a business venture and to implant effective mitigation.

The omnipresent nature of uncertainty in every business model means that events and tasks leading to a project’s completion can never simply be unfolded with unequivocal predictive accuracy.

Moreover, for some innovative, groundbreaking and complex projects, even the possibility of successful conclusion is by no means a certainty. Keep Reading

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