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The Politics of a Family Business

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Family Business

Chaos May Reign if You Hire a Relative to Work for You

Hiring a family member is not like hiring anyone else. The normal office politics can get out of control. But there are steps you can take to keep the madness in check.

Office politics is a fact of life in any business organization. Every day it seems like someone is gossiping about she said this and he said that. People argue and make up.

They bring their problems to you, they complain about others not doing their share, or someone got a bigger raise. Someone that got a promotion doesn’t deserve it or someone that should have gotten the promotion got skipped over.

And so the rumor mill keeps churning away. But what happens if the boss of a tightly nit business suddenly brings in a family member to help run the show? What was considered controlled chaos could turn into a madhouse. Keep Reading

Core Competency Frameworks

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Competency Framework

Enhancing Performance Management Systems

Work based competencies provide a common language to describe how employees should behave in particular work and job related areas and help to improve performance.

Core competency frameworks help to contribute towards organizational performance management systems and individual career development.

They describe the key skills and behaviors required to undertake certain roles. Keep Reading

Job Interviews: Do’s and Dont’s

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Job Interview

Get the Job That You Want By Following Common Sense Tips

With a changing job market come changing interview methods. Be sure that you are up to speed and remember the basics when it comes to securing the position that you want.

Making your entry or re-entry into today’s job market can be a difficult ordeal. There are many aspects in regards to the modern day job hunt that have changed since recent years.

For example; instead of seeing the company owner or talking directly to a job foreperson, you now need to go through the rigorous process of the human resource department. Keep Reading

Talent Management: Hot to Retain Star Talent

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How to retain top talent

How to Retain Innovative Knowledge Workers

To be a strategic undertaking, talent management efforts need to focus on the strategically most important employees: innovative knowledge workers.

The ability to manage talent effectively is a key source of competitive advantage in business today.

Why is this so important?

A lot of writers talk about demographics when answering this question. They say that baby boomers are retiring and the loyalty of younger workers isn’t what it used to be.

These facts are part of the story, but the deeper explanation is that much of today’s work is knowledge work.

Now that many services and much of manufacturing are being outsourced to China, India and similar low cost locations, it is harder for North American businesses to be successful. Keep Reading

How to Ask Behavioral Interview Questions: Interviewing Skills and Techniques for the New Manager

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behavioral interview questions

How does the manager or small business owner find the perfect candidate for an open job?

These days a job posted in online job boards and most relevant Facebook groups and LinkedIn will generate a huge number of applicants.

When it comes to an actual interview, many new managers or small business owners lack experience at this important step in the process.

This post provides a basic interviewing approach for the novice interviewer unfamiliar or inexperienced at interviewing job applicants.

The novice interviewer should recognize that candidates will portray themselves in the best possible light and if able to win an interview, will have completed sufficient research on the company and position to be able to say the right words. Keep Reading

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