Trading System – MACD Trading Strategy

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Trading System

MACD Signals Trading Strategy

This article provides trading tips to persons looking to include a MACD trading system in their stock, commodity or forex investment strategy.

The MACD technical indicator is generally regarded a lagging momentum indicator. Nevertheless, it can also be used to forecast market turns and pullbacks if applied properly.

In this article readers will learn how to day trade this technical indicator, or just understand its characteristics so it can be included as part of another trading system. Keep Reading

What is a Forex Pip?

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Forex Pip

This article provides a working definition of a Forex pip, how a Forex pip reflects currency strength and how Forex pips are valued. Keep Reading

How to Find Trends in the Forex Market

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EUR/USD trend chart

Finding Trends in the Forex Market: Technical Indicators in Forex

Traders agree that the trend is your friend. However, finding a trend is not always easy. Learn how technical indicators can help to find trends in the currencies market.

There is a saying by traders that “the trend is your friend.” The trending Forex market is a great tool for making reliable trades and reducing the possibility of surprising moves by currency pairs. These surprises can lead to losses. Keep Reading

Forex Day Trading Course: Three Essential Rules for Forex Traders

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USD/CAD Forex pair

Forex Day Trading Course

Three Essential Rules for Forex Traders

Successful Forex traders learn steps to maximize their profits and reduce their risk exposure. Learn these 3 important rules for trading success in the Forex market.

The Forex market is a fast-moving, highly liquid, and volatile financial market. Unlike the stock market, the currencies market never closes or stops moving. Traders have earned profits quickly or lost money throughout the trading day and night. Novice traders often wonder how experienced traders are able to survive and succeed in this fast-paced and mysterious market. Keep Reading

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