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Best Management Process: Managing Management and Their Reasoning

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Managing Management

Management arguments are chains of inductive-deductive reasoning. The best arguments must meet four essential criteria, otherwise the argument is a fallacy.

Managers face a different problem to business owners.

  • Whereas the manager works through hearsay evidence, believing what he/she is told merely because of the organizational positioning of the reporter,
  • the business owner must prefer only cogent evidence, verified through a critical argument process.

The inferior alternative is business management on the basis of organizational fantasy.

Arguments are based on the way the writer proves the management report’s premises. Thus, arguments must be both true and valid. An argument must correspond with reality, and the conclusion must follow from the premises. Keep Reading

Cost Accounting has got Transformed to Managerial Accounting

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Cost Accounting

Businesses improve profitability by increasing revenue through higher selling prices or sales volumes, and lowering operating and overhead costs through cost management.

An understanding of cost behavior not only helps cost management as such but also supports strategic and tactical decision-making across the entire spectrum of business operations.

Projects, processes and regular operations can all benefit from cost management, leading to overall business performance improvement. Keep Reading

Be a Better Manager Immediately

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How to be better Manager

Take the Right Actions Now and Improve Management Performance

There are actions that managers can take immediately which will start to yield short-term results and also provide long-term performance improvements.

Managers can improve results by taking action to improve performance. These actions can be implemented immediately and will yield long-term improvements. Keep Reading

How to Communicate at Work – Tips for Managers

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Communication tips for Managers

Communicating is Much More than Just Telling Someone What to Do

Good communication is about much more than just ‘telling‘. There are many other features for a manager to consider when communicating important information. Keep Reading

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