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Core Competency Frameworks

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Competency Framework

Enhancing Performance Management Systems

Work based competencies provide a common language to describe how employees should behave in particular work and job related areas and help to improve performance.

Core competency frameworks help to contribute towards organizational performance management systems and individual career development.

They describe the key skills and behaviors required to undertake certain roles. Keep Reading

Business Tips for Team Success

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Team Success

Teamwork Politics for Large and Small Business Ventures

Robert Reich (1987) Tales of a New America: “… Modern science and technology is too complicated for one brain…” quoted,Teamwork, Carl Larson & Frank LaFasto.

Large and small businesses have found that effective teamwork is comprised of a variety of team members with very different ideas. Two or more people with a specific performance objective or recognizable goal assembles for coordination of activity and ideas.

In order for the teams to achieve the goal, agreement of the end result should be clear, but the steps to the goal requires open minds with differing creative ideas. Keep Reading

Avoiding Layoffs: Save Jobs, Economic Options

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Emlpoyee Management

Workforce Management

Downsizing, lay-offs, and corporate restructuring are common during an economic downturn. There are ways to decrease terminations and the rising severance pay budget.

Economic declines test the deepest of business skills, inner-core values, and company policies. Similar to how COPD patients breathe because they need to get rid of carbon dioxide rather than breathing to intake oxygen; business priorities quickly change from driving profits to decreasing spending. Keep Reading

Reasons Why Your Boss Might Hate You

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Your Boss Hates You

Careless and Forgetful Employees Are Perpetual Annoyances to a Boss

Not taking your job seriously will guarantee that the relationship between you and your boss will go sour. The top complaints are tardiness and a lack of initiative.

Employees have a lot to say about bad bosses (1, 2, 3). On the other hand, bosses have quite a few bones to pick with employees who are burned out, disruptive and irresponsible.

It’s not as easy to fire them as it once was because legal documentation is required to show that the employee in question did in fact do an unsatisfactory job.

There are two sides to every story, and below are some reasons why your boss has good reasons to be irritable. Keep Reading

Retaining Ethical Standards in Tough Times

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Ethical Standards

How to Stay True to Company Values When Others Want to Cheat

When a company is running in the red, it is easy to be tempted to give into situational ethics. This article discusses ways to maintain corporate integrity in hard times.

Business ethics standards can be a tough sale when an enterprise is struggling to survive.

But, does an organization have to throw its ideals out the window in order to continue operations in economic downturns?

A better question is: how does an entity maintain ethical standards in tough economic times?

This article discusses five tips to retain corporate integrity in a severe downturn. Keep Reading

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