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A Customer Focus: Business Can’t Blossom Without It!

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Customer Focus

A customer focus contributes to the entire organization beyond providing a product or service that is presently valued by the market.

To improve the customer focus of frontline employees is easier said then done. And, unfortunately, compounding this difficulty is a deep rooted neglect of countless managers to commit to the ideas they merely talk about. Keep Reading

How to End Poor Customer Service in Retail Sales

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Customer Service

Sales Associates & Employers Can Take Steps Ensuring Quality Service

Substandard customer service by sales associates is the bane of consumers who have become accustomed to second class treatment in a retail culture, but solutions exist.

The holiday retail season often brings out the worst in customers as well as sales associates.

Too frequently, disinterested sales clerks, hired as seasonal labor, make Christmas shopping a harried enterprise. Keep Reading

Proper Treatment of Customers

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Good Customer Service

The Importance of Good Customer Service in the Consumer Market

There has been such a decline in customer service that it seems non-existent these days. Keep Reading

Customer Service & Responsibility

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Customer Service

When Something Goes Wrong, Who Should Take Responsibility?

With an increased focus by the customer on receiving excellent service, who has responsibility for providing the service?

C-Suite leaders strive to set the tone when it comes to providing excellent customer service to their clients, particularly in this tough economic time when customers vote with the few precious dollars they have. Keep Reading

Most Common Customer Service Mistakes That are Made Everyday

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good customer support

Build Customer Retention and Avoid Mistakes When Serving Customers

Investing money to gain customers is pointless if customer retention isn’t equally important. Common courtesy and excellent customer service will keep them from leaving.

  • Why do customers never come back?
  • Why do customers buy or not buy?
  • Why do customers get angry?
  • What do customers really want?
  • How can customer loyalty be stronger?

If a business answers these questions correctly, that business has no choice but to succeed because common customer service mistakes are being avoided. Keep Reading

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