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Top Ten Rules of Great Customer Service

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Great Customer Service

How To Train Staff About The Methods of Excellent Service

Customer service, in the simplest terms, is logic. Customer service agents should consider how they themselves would like to be treated at every opportunity.

The old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is like a mantra in the world of customer service.

There are many wonderful staff members out there who may have the best of intentions but don’t seem to have any idea how to go about carrying them toward a successful conclusion.

Customer service agents should look themselves in the mirror before each shift and ask, “Would you like to be serviced by you?” Keep Reading

How to Attract Customers Looking for Quality

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Customer Focus

Tips and Tricks to Target New Clients Who Want Value

Tips how to target and attract quality customers who want value for their money and not just bargain-buying.

Customers relationship and marketing strategies are important for any business to thrive. With the advent of the Internet, aside from direct marketing there are email marketing and web marketing used by small/home based businesses.

Internet marketers also talk a lot about search engine marketing. Keeping customers and attracting new ones is the only way any business can survive, and grow. Keep Reading

A Customer Focus: Business Can’t Blossom Without It!

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Customer Focus

A customer focus contributes to the entire organization beyond providing a product or service that is presently valued by the market.

To improve the customer focus of frontline employees is easier said then done. And, unfortunately, compounding this difficulty is a deep rooted neglect of countless managers to commit to the ideas they merely talk about. Keep Reading

How to End Poor Customer Service in Retail Sales

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Customer Service

Sales Associates & Employers Can Take Steps Ensuring Quality Service

Substandard customer service by sales associates is the bane of consumers who have become accustomed to second class treatment in a retail culture, but solutions exist.

The holiday retail season often brings out the worst in customers as well as sales associates.

Too frequently, disinterested sales clerks, hired as seasonal labor, make Christmas shopping a harried enterprise. Keep Reading

Proper Treatment of Customers

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Good Customer Service

The Importance of Good Customer Service in the Consumer Market

There has been such a decline in customer service that it seems non-existent these days. Keep Reading

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