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Marriage and Money

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Marriage and Money

How to Work with Your Spouse on Saving More and Spending Less

A lot of couples fight about money. How to make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to finances. And what to do if you’re not.

If you’re broke, you and your spouse probably fight about it. If you have money, you and your partner most likely argue about how to spend it. Money is a constant source of friction in many American households. Keep Reading

Credit Card Terms and Definitions: Credit Card Basics

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Credit Card FAQ

What are Credit, Debit, Charge and Store Cards?

Not all credit cards are the same. Read how credit, debit, charge and departmental store cards are different from one another.

  • Confused by the many credit cards offered by banks and financial institutions?
  • What are the differences between credit, prepaid credit, debit, charge and store cards? Plenty.

To make the best of these cards and determine which cards are more suitable, it’s important to have some basic understanding on how these cards work. Keep Reading

How To Clean Up Credit Score

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Clean Up Credit Score

Tips For Improving Credit-Worthiness

Essential steps to help raise an individual’s credit score and keep it high.

Individuals seeking credit cards and loans who have bad or no credit often find out how difficult it is to obtain them without a high credit score. Regardless of how low an individual’s score is, however, there are steps that can be taken to help increase credit scores. Keep Reading

Marketing Strategy for Retail Sales

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Baby Boomer retail marketing

Considering Spending Habits

Retailers who are looking to sell their innovative and modern products should consider marketing their products to the empty nesters.

Baby Boomers, the people born between 1946 and 1964 are one of the largest consumer groups in the U.S. This group, aged 45-63 years old, is characterized by big spenders and users of credit cards.

Due to an inadequate social security system and a failure to save money, they are experiencing economic uncertainty. Many are supporting their aging parents. Keep Reading

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