How Effective Leaders Communicate

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Active Listening

The Importance of Active Listening

Only a few leaders can communicate an inspiring vision. The key to effective leadership communication is to be able to draw good ideas out of others.

If Martin Luther King, Jr. is your model of leadership, you will have a very specific idea of how leaders communicate.

You will expect leaders to be great orators, visionaries who can inspire people with emotionally stirring speeches.

You will also regard leaders as having a compelling conviction of what needs to be done. The reality in most organizations is just not like that. Keep Reading

How to Get People to Listen to You in Business Life

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How to make people to listen

Tips in communicating skills on how to make colleagues and customers listen.

Concentrate on the other person, keep to the point, practice tact and respect. There are numerous self-help books dealing with how to listen effectively, communication and negotiation skills in general, and other skills like presentation.

But what happens when the person, for instance, a customer or prospective client, whether face to face or on the phone, doesn’t listen, or whose thoughts wander away?

There are strategies to make people listen.

One important thing to do is choose the right time to talk. There’s no point talking to a person who is busy and focused on something else. It can even be more of a challenge when the person on the other end of the line is a prospective customer. Keep Reading

How to Communicate at Work – Tips for Managers

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Communication tips for Managers

Communicating is Much More than Just Telling Someone What to Do

Good communication is about much more than just ‘telling‘. There are many other features for a manager to consider when communicating important information. Keep Reading

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