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Two Strong Brand Names: Expanding Horizons Through Related Business Strategies

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When considering whether to expand a retail firm, careful consideration should be given to value chain analysis of the activities in running the organization. Keep Reading

Why Branding Multiplies the Value of a Business: Brand Name is often Valued at Several Times the Physical Assets

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business branding

Your brand is not just the your logo and slogan. It is much more.

It is a psychological image that target audience have come to associate with your business or product or product.

Even the most impressive logo and slogan can fail if the company or product does not deliver satisfaction. Keep Reading

Email Use Policy for Employees and Businesses

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Email Use Policy for Employees and Businesses

Your employees may all need email accounts to do their jobs, but you need to consider how they use them.

If you have no control over messages that are sent on behalf of your business or the time an individual spends emailing their friends, then you could run into trouble.

Setting out a structure of acceptable usage in a formal policy that either covers the whole computer / internet spectrum or that specifically addresses email usage can help.

Why do you need these kinds of policies and what should they contain? Keep Reading

Business Name Tips: Six Rules of Business Names

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One of the more important- as well as fun- tasks of starting a business is naming the brand, and with that task comes a lot of pressure for many entrepreneurs.

Because not only does a business name identify the business, it also positions it in the marketplace, offers an identifiable image for target audience to relate to, and can easily determine the success or failure of the business venture.

What follows are some business name ideas intended to assist fledgling entrepreneurs with avoiding the pitfalls of a poor business name choice.

Take a peek at the suggestions that follow, use whatever ideas work, and then test the business name concept thoroughly before making a final decision Keep Reading

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