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J-Curve and Price Trend Forecasts

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Ford Service

How Macroeconomic Events Can Filter Down into Personal Investing

Analyzing and utilizing the J-Curve Effect when deciding in which industry, sector, or even country, to invest.

Let us begin with a few basics of how international trade and foreign exchange impacts a country’s economy, but from the macroeconomic point of view.

It is common knowledge that since the mid-1970s, the majority of world economies have adopted freely floating (flexible) exchange rates, which have considerable bearing on how international trade is conducted, as well as on a country’s macroeconomics. Keep Reading

Pros and Cons of SWOT Analysis

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SWOT analysis

One of the more basic strategy development tools, SWOT analysis, is also one of the most misunderstood.

Business is tough. Anybody whose started a company or held a position for an organization rife with pressure will attest to that. But there’s a long list of existing processes and steps proven to be of good use already available to those charged with shaping strategic objectives and direction.

One of the most straight forward and overused, yet misused, too, is the strategy inducing tool with a recognizable four character acronym. That is, of course, the SWOT analysis. Keep Reading

A Business Process Improvement Model

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Business Process Improvement

Some argue that business process improvement is necessary in a successful management. A model for business process improvement is introduced here.

It can be argued that business process improvement is a necessary component in a successful management. Andersen (see References) suggests a model for business process improvement, which will be introduced in this article. Keep Reading

Business Intelligence is not just Information

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Business Process Management

BI Includes the Technologies, Applications and Practices Used

Business analytics, reporting, dashboard, performance management, data mining, process mining, OLAP, spreadsheets and other software tools all fall under the term BI.

Business decisions are usually made on the basis of past experience, though they can also be based on qualitative considerations or rules of thumb. Past experience typically consist of an overwhelming mass of data.

BI tools and techniques are used to mine this data and extract meaningful information out of it. Keep Reading

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