Simple Ways To Improve Workplace Morale

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There are several key ways to increase and improve morale in the workplace including practical suggestions such as having a weekly dress-down day.

Especially in today’s difficult financial climate with more and more people being made redundant or currently unemployed, morale can be rather poor.

There are a range of simple ways which may help to both increase and improve morale within the workplace making for a happier and hopefully more productive workforce environment.

Key examples of practical ways of improving morale include:

  • Create a pleasant working environment
  • Hold team building activities
  • Weekly dress-down day
  • Offer good employee-discount programs
  • Keep equipment and facilities in good working order

Improve The Workplace Environment

One simple way to improve workplace morale is by ensuring that the work environment is as pleasant as possible.

There is also plenty of research to suggest that natural lighting is very significant for both productivity and mood. Plants also help create a more calm environment and having a clean office and spotless facilities such as restrooms are also important.

Team Building Activities

There are a wide range of activities now available specifically with the aim of helping colleagues improve relationships and communication skills.

Team-building activities do not have to be expensive and can include simple things such as a barbecue or sports night. The key is to make the activity as suited to one’s employees as possible thus ensuring that no-one feels left out.

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Workplace Weekly Dress-Down Day

The weekly dress-down day is ideal for a Friday and particularly during the warmer summer months is a great way to make working more pleasant. Many companies also allow employees to wear a shirt without a tie (apart from when in meetings) when the weather is very warm.

If a weekly dress down day is not possible then it is worth considering doing a monthly charity dress-down event where employees are permitted to wear casual clothing and may make a donation to whichever chosen cause.

Employee Discount Programs

Especially in terms of health suite, sport clubs or gym membership, having employee discount programs can be a real incentive.

There is a vast amount of evidence linking regular exercise with better mood, decreased anxiety or depression, increased energy levels and less illness.

Healthier employees also results in less sick days required.

Ensure Equipment is well-maintained

Finally, in order to limit the frustration associated with the printer, fax machine or computer going on the blink, it is important ensure that all office equipment is well-maintained.

This will also reduce the likelihood of wasted, non-productive time where employees are unable to work should their computer or whatever equipment give up the ghost.

As highlighted above, in today’s financial climate, staff morale is a significant issue and even small changes such as adding plants and better lighting may have a significant impact on health, well-being and improve workplace morale.

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In addition, ensuring any essential business travel is well organised will also help reduce associated stress.


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