Reasons Why Your Boss Might Hate You

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Your Boss Hates You

Careless and Forgetful Employees Are Perpetual Annoyances to a Boss

Not taking your job seriously will guarantee that the relationship between you and your boss will go sour. The top complaints are tardiness and a lack of initiative.

Employees have a lot to say about bad bosses (1, 2, 3). On the other hand, bosses have quite a few bones to pick with employees who are burned out, disruptive and irresponsible.

It’s not as easy to fire them as it once was because legal documentation is required to show that the employee in question did in fact do an unsatisfactory job.

There are two sides to every story, and below are some reasons why your boss has good reasons to be irritable.

Are You Late for Work on a Constant Basis?

Your alarm clock can fail to go off once in a while. Most bosses would expect that. But, showing up late every day shows a clear lack of respect for the company and sends the message that you don’t care about your job.

How would you expect your boss to feel when you’re being paid to do a job you could care less about?

If you become a liability and don’t take steps to correct your behavior, expect to be hated- then axed.

Are You Not Completing Assignments on Time?

Leaving a trail of unfinished work and half done projects can make your boss look bad.

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Remember that your boss has a boss too, and when you don’t deliver what’s needed on time your boss’s reputation will be dragged through the mud. You won’t be popular when that happens.

Are You Starting Rumors and Gossiping at Work?

This is a big no-no because this will divide the employees, not bring them together.

Your boss will want nothing except the company to be a well oiled machine where everyone works together amicably, if not perfectly. Gossiping can have serious consequences.

Your boss has enough to worry about and doesn’t have the time to figure out how to mend deteriorating relationships.

Are You Bombarding Your Boss with Lots of New Ideas?

It’s good to be enthusiastic but your boss just wants you to do what you’re paid for. He or she will not be interested in hearing about how to make the company a better place. That’s not your department.

Let your boss worry about that because that’s why he/she is there in the first place.

Are You Being a Bully at Work?

If you are the office tough guy/girl and take it upon yourself to torment shy, unassertive employees for fun, or just because you’ve been getting away with it, watch your step.

Your colleagues will call in sick to avoid you, and it’s quite possible some of them may really be ill because you’re making their time at work a living hell.

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Absenteeism will hurt the bottom line. When the company loses money you can expect the boss to be really ticked off.

Do You Complain When Things Change in the Company?

New targets, new objectives and implementing new ways to conduct business will not always be too exciting.

Your boss may not enjoy them either and reminders from you are something he/she will not want or need to hear. When orders come from the top the only choice your boss has is to obey.

Do You Come to Work Smelling Like a Pigsty?

This is a tough issue for bosses to handle. They don’t want to educate you about how to use soap and toothpaste. You’re an adult!

Bathing regularly and wearing fresh clothes are two concepts that you should have learned a long time ago.

Are You Goofing Off on Company Time?

Selling your stuff on E-bay or chatting with friends on Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Tinder will get you noticed for the wrong reasons.

Your colleagues will see this too and might complain to the boss about how you’re getting a free ride while they’re working their butts off. This creates resentment, and it’s another problem the boss will not want to deal with.

There’s also the added pressure to decide whether to assign you to less demanding tasks, or to get rid of you.

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