Reasons Job Seekers Don’t Get Hired

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Finding A Job

How Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of Landing a New Job

Anyone wondering why they aren’t getting hired may need to rethink how they are limiting themselves.

Even though the job market is tough, there are job seekers out there getting new positions. There are employers who are hiring.

In some cases that means getting rid of dead wood and replacing them with more proactive, better qualified employees. After all, it is a buyer’s market right now.

That being said, it is important that job seekers make themselves an indispensable commodity when it comes to searching for a job.

That means demonstrating much needed skills and displaying the kind of attributes that employers long to find. It also means avoiding these six reasons why job seekers don’t get hired.

Poorly Crafted Resume and Cover Letter

The only way to win the battle is to have the right ammunition. That means that job seekers need to display their talents in a clean, concise manner. No “twinkie words” that say nothing or lead the reader to believe the job seeker might be covering something up.

And when it comes to cover letters, if job seekers are going to take the time to write one then they should write it with a purpose in mind. They shouldn’t leave the decision about why they are applying up to the reader. Consider what it is that the reader needs to know, but can’t be found in the resume.

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One last tip that bears repeating: don’t overlook grammatical errors, typos, formatting and misspellings. One of the quickest ways to be put in the do-not-consider pile is to submit a sub-par resume and cover letter.

Lack of Drive and Motivation

Job seekers who lack the enthusiasm to put in a sustained effort toward their job search are just as likely to behave this way on the job.

So why would anyone want to hire them?

Job searches work best when candidates work at it everyday. And not just by downloading their resume and hitting the send button.

The only way to find a job is to talk to the people who have the openings.

That means lots of networking and making the job search more proactive.

Plus, by networking with others, not only can job seekers find out about pending job opportunities, they can make the right impression that may lead to an unplanned position.

Sometimes employers don’t know they need a certain skill set until they meet the person who has it.

Not Knowing What References are Saying

For job seekers who routinely get job interviews, but not the job, it could be their references. While there are laws that govern what someone can say about a prior employee, there are still ways to find out if someone was fired or had a poor attitude at work.

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Understanding how far a reference can go and what might be said about job seekers is an important part of the job search process.

Before job seekers go out into the job market looking, it is important that they prepare themselves to be the best candidate available. That means understanding reasons behind what may stop them from getting the job.

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