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Is Psychology Important in the Sales World?

They say that sales is all about attitude and confidence.

Well this is half right, you do need the right attitude and confidence but you also need to understand people.

Why is Psychology Important?

Well the basics of psychology are the basics or all human communication. If we understand how a person thinks, how to influence them their thinking and communicate with them properly we can learn how to how to sell to them more effectively.

We are all driven by need and want. We all have basic needs such as food and water but we all want the nicer types of food and drink. Our wants drive our emotions which may have been triggered by our needs.

Understanding Need and Want

If you as the salesperson knows about need and want you will know how to use this to your own advantage and guide the prospect to buy your products or services. When someone walks into a shop to cover a need they may be unaware of their wants.

By creating emotional connections and triggers to products you can drive a person from their basic needs and create want.

The eyes covert, through the eyes we all see something that attracts us and our attention. So as a salesperson if you direct the person to a visual then they will start to subconsciously want that product.

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Add in the Dream and the Ego

When you get them to mentally picture themselves with the product and how it will improve their lives, how it will make them look good to their friends and family and how it would be an outer display of ones success you are adding the dream to their subconscious want and you are adding the ego of adulation of friends and family.

In later articles we will discuss other techniques that deal with psychological sales techniques and selling to the subconscious so that you secure a sale more easily. As an introductory article this is just a sample of the importance of psychology in sales.

Increase Your Knowledge

Yes as a salesperson or sales manager the numbers are important. The more people you speak to the more sales you will make and so on. But so is increasing in your knowledge of sales techniques and indeed basic psychology.

By continually improving your techniques and understanding of how people think you will be able to increase your conversion rates and powers of persuasion.

Sales and marketing is psychology in practice understanding this fact can increase your sales and make your job a lot easier.

Today because of the internet knowledge is everywhere and information is easy to come by. Make sure the information you get is trusty worthy but take in as much as you can about selling and psychological techniques as well as the latest in technology that can aid you and you will be one step ahead of the competition.


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