How to Write an Effective Small Business Plan

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Small business owners are sometimes intimidated by the process of writing a business plan and that is why they would rather not do it.

The rationale is there business is small anyway or they are no MBA but just a simple business owner.

Developing a business plan doesn’t necessary have to be a complex task. It does require a conscious effort and research to record an organized plan with a profitable business in mind.

Before writing the business plan, it is important to outline personal qualifications.

Accomplishments and past business history, if available, are background indicators on qualifications to operate the business.

If the plan is mainly designed to direct business activities and not to generate additional capital, this information can be down played.

To write a business plan for small business here are straight forward steps to do. How much detail and effort can be put in will depend on the business owner. Keep Reading

How to Start a Small Business in Los Angeles

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There are some good reasons for starting a small business in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a great place to start a business because of the large, diverse population. This giant pool of potential customers gives the new business owner an array of business start up options.

And starting a small business offers the owners other benefits. The most cited benefit by business owners is having the freedom to make their own decisions, take risks and reap the financial rewards.

What Does it Take to Start a Small Business in Los Angeles

The first step to starting a business is having a business plan. A business plan is a document that lays out the plan for the business. It describes the starting point and the ultimate goal of the business. A business plan is a must when applying for a small business loan.

Business plans can be informal if no financing is needed. But most new business owners can avoid the typical hazards of business start ups by beginning with the end in mind. Keep Reading

How to Remember the Names of Business Contacts: Improved Memory Enhances Business Networking and Profitability

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how remembering to business contact names

People commonly assert that they are terrible remembering names, which is why it is a competitive advantage to recall them. There is no sweeter music to a person’s ears than his or her own name, but few business networkers have master the memory game.

They are prevented by a combination of bad listening, poor memory association skills, and a belief that remembering names is very difficult.

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