Why Are There so Few Innovative Managers?

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How to Foster More Innovation in Your Organization

Innovation is critical to business success.

Does this mean that managers need to be more innovative or should they be better at fostering it in others?

Business gurus constantly call for managers to be more innovative. It was because managers were felt to be poor innovators in the late 1970s and early 80s that there was a great hue and cry to replace them with leaders, especially in North America where industry was getting battered by Japanese competition.

Today, most modern businesses are more innovative than they were 40 years ago but managers are still pushed to become better innovators. We need to understand why they aren’t innovative enough, whether they should be and what can be done about the need for faster innovation. Keep Reading

What is Leadership?

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What is the meaning of Leadership in  a knowledge-driven world?

Leadership is a hot topic but its meaning is very confused. We need an understanding of leadership that shows how all employees can show it, not just those at the top.

Leadership is ripe for an overhaul. It has become seriously bloated as more and more expectations are piled on the shoulders of leaders. Having to be all things to all people is not conducive to focus.

Fortunately, it is now widely recognized that executives can no longer provide all the direction an organization needs. Keep Reading

Best Marketing Strategies for Maximum Sales

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Market Research 2017

Combining Market Research, Brand Management, Advertising and PR

Business success in the current globally competitive market requires strategic and innovative combination of market research, brand management, advertising and PR.

Difficulties in achieving optimum sales and profits sometimes get managers of corporate organizations and businesses wondering whether they are in the right kind of business. Keep Reading

How To Trade – Stock Options

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A Simple Tutorial on What Options Are and Trading Methods

  • Purchasing stock options is a simple trading strategy for increasing leverage.
  • What are stock options?
  • Are they too risky for sound investing?

Stock options derive their value from the underlying asset; they are not independent like shares in a publicly traded company or commodity contracts. It is easier to think of stock options as ‘what if’ contracts. Keep Reading

How to Sell over the Phone: Effective Cold-Calling Techniques

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Cold Calling success

Effective Cold-Call Sales with Phone and Telemarketing Tools

One of the most powerful tools for the small business owner to reach prospective customers is the telephone.

It is more cost-effective than direct mail, which is difficult to target and easily pitched (or marked as spam), or than advertising, which is expensive and easily overlooked.

When someone answers the phone to a well-prepared business person with a well-prepared and relevant presentation, human contact is made and communication is achieved. Keep Reading

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