How to Write a Home-Based Business Plan

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home based business plan

A Quick Guide to Kick-Starting a Small Business

Most home business startup entrepreneurs are terrified of the business plan. It seems like one more hurdle that lenders throw out so they can turn down a loan application.

The truth is that there are some very good reasons for writing a business plan- even when the business owner is not looking for a loan. Consider the reasons that banks ask for a business plan. Keep Reading

How to be a Forex fund manager – How to be Forex broker

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how to be Forex broker

Earn even more by managing Forex accounts of others

If you have a good Forex trading strategy and you have traded successfully for some time now then hear me out!

There is an opportunity for successful traders to earn more money from their trading results.

(Recommended: what is Forex?)

Keep Reading

How to Prevent Personal Economic Meltdown

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preventing personal meltdown 2017

Simple Ways to Get Control of Personal Indebtedness

Goal-setting and determination are keys to weathering financial problems. Self-discipline and creativity can help lead to better economic standing.

Over-spending is an American pastime. Bankruptcy filings are at an all time high. Foreclosures are rampant; repossessions have never been higher. The government seems to be bailing everyone out but the taxpayer.

So, what’s a person to do when personal financial disaster threatens? Keep Reading

How to Start a Successful Bed and Breakfast Business

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How to Start a Successful Bed and Breakfast (B & B) Business

How to Open a B & B Business?

Sure, the movies make it look easy. A romantic B & B in a picturesque setting with happy inn-keepers beaming at their bustling business.

Back to reality…to operate a successful Bed and Breakfast you’ll need a concrete business plan, a marketing strategy, and a hiring plan, all before you even contact the realtor.

If the idea of moving to a different part of the country and wearing a lot of hats in a brand new business intrigues you, opening a B & B may be the perfect opportunity. But first, know what you are getting into. Keep Reading

How to Analyze Business and Financial Risk

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business financial risk

Learn about Major Factors Impacting a Company’€™s Income Flows

Risk analysis investigates volatility of income flows either from operations or from various sources of capital. The more volatile the income flows, the greater the risk.

A company’s total risk consists of two components: business risk and financial risk. It is of paramount importance to understand what causes both types of risk and how they are measured. Keep Reading

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