Reasons Why Your Boss Might Hate You

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Your Boss Hates You

Careless and Forgetful Employees Are Perpetual Annoyances to a Boss

Not taking your job seriously will guarantee that the relationship between you and your boss will go sour. The top complaints are tardiness and a lack of initiative.

Employees have a lot to say about bad bosses (1, 2, 3). On the other hand, bosses have quite a few bones to pick with employees who are burned out, disruptive and irresponsible.

It’s not as easy to fire them as it once was because legal documentation is required to show that the employee in question did in fact do an unsatisfactory job.

There are two sides to every story, and below are some reasons why your boss has good reasons to be irritable. Keep Reading

Building the Basics of Self Confidence

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Self Confidence

Simple Tips that can Help You Project Your Self-Confidence

By using these pointers you would feel more confident about yourself and depict a confident self-image to others. This will help you get ahead in your career.

You may be educated, intelligent and have plenty of work experience. However, you may feel that you are lagging behind in your career development.

The image you project upon others will reflect an assessment of your abilities, which may undermine your true qualifications. Sometimes, by just building a self-confident image, you will be more marketable to get ahead in your career. Keep Reading

Character Reference Letter Templates

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Reference Templates

Need to write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker or friend?

Learn what to include; see these free sample character reference letter templates.

A person with character displays moral excellence and firmness (as in “a man of sound character”). In this context, being “moral” refers to knowing the principles of right and wrong behavior. Keep Reading

Job Interviews: Do’s and Dont’s

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Job Interview

Get the Job That You Want By Following Common Sense Tips

With a changing job market come changing interview methods. Be sure that you are up to speed and remember the basics when it comes to securing the position that you want.

Making your entry or re-entry into today’s job market can be a difficult ordeal. There are many aspects in regards to the modern day job hunt that have changed since recent years.

For example; instead of seeing the company owner or talking directly to a job foreperson, you now need to go through the rigorous process of the human resource department. Keep Reading

What Is Job Burnout?

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Business Burn Out

Feeling Overworked and Underappreciated Can Lead to Exhaustion

If every day is a bad day at work then you may be experiencing job burnout. It has more to do with lack of recognition and control at the office than actual stress.

The important difference between stress and burnout is that the former can take a serious physical toll on the body. The latter is emotionally damaging.

When an employee has job burnout his/her spirit will be overwhelmed with cynicism and negativity. Keep Reading

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