Senior Citizens and Identity Theft

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Protecting the Elderly From Phishing Scams

Some identity thieves prefer to conduct their business the old fashioned way- by telephone, snail mail or in person. Their primary target is the elderly.

The telephone is a powerful tool for scammers that prey on senior citizens. While many senior citizens don’t use email or browse the internet, they all use the telephone. Identity thieves call elderly people and pretend to represent charities, police associations, AARP and well-known companies. Keep Reading

Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette

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Coffeeshop Laptop Etiquette

Be polite at the cafe when doing your business

Laptop people taking over your cafe space? Are you one of those laptop people?

Here are some Coffeeshop Rules for a Oblivious Business Traveler.

Offering free WIFI costs a cafe very little, and can attract some good business. It’s a good deal for everyone, if users are conscientious about setting up shop in the coffee house. Keep Reading

Late to Work Excuses

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Late From Work

The best late to work excuses are those that digress from the truth to the least possible extent.

Running late to work is something that happens to most people at some point of time.

Personal conditions such as a sick family member, medical emergencies, a need to be present in the kid’s school and the like all rank amongst the most common late to work excuses.

Frequent lateness for these reasons implies a serious work-life conflict that could necessitate remedial action. Keep Reading

Reasons Job Seekers Don’t Get Hired

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Finding A Job

How Candidates Can Improve Their Chances of Landing a New Job

Anyone wondering why they aren’t getting hired may need to rethink how they are limiting themselves.

Even though the job market is tough, there are job seekers out there getting new positions. There are employers who are hiring.

In some cases that means getting rid of dead wood and replacing them with more proactive, better qualified employees. After all, it is a buyer’s market right now. Keep Reading

Template Sample for a Letter of Recommendation

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Letter Of Recommendation

A Guide and Sample for Writing a Reference Letter

A guide to writing a letter of recommendation or reference letter, along with a template sample.

Almost everyone is asked to write a letter of recommendation at sometime in their life and it can feel like a difficult task.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating, for it can be accomplished with ease just by having a template sample to follow and a guide to the basic information that should be included in the reference letter. Keep Reading

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