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Avoiding Layoffs: Save Jobs, Economic Options

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Emlpoyee Management

Workforce Management

Downsizing, lay-offs, and corporate restructuring are common during an economic downturn. There are ways to decrease terminations and the rising severance pay budget.

Economic declines test the deepest of business skills, inner-core values, and company policies. Similar to how COPD patients breathe because they need to get rid of carbon dioxide rather than breathing to intake oxygen; business priorities quickly change from driving profits to decreasing spending. Keep Reading

How to Use Profitability Ratios

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Business Profit

Different Types of Calculations that Determine a Firm’s Profits

Learn to use profitability ratios for your business. Here is how they are calculated and what they represent.

Profitability analysis is vital for your business – you are able to conduct a simple analysis by applying profitability ratios. Here are four types of profitability ratios.

Learn how they are calculated and what they indicate for your business’ financial performance. Keep Reading

Top 5 Strategic Planning Mistakes Companies Make

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Strategic Planning

Ways to Improve Business Alignment with Strategy

Strategic planning is a difficult proposition in many organizations, but getting it right can improve a company’s agility in an increasingly changing business climate.

Many organization find they do not get the desired results from their efforts in strategic planning.

They often find difficulty in having strategies and plans motivate real action and provide value to the company. That follow-through — getting real business results — is a significant issue for many businesses. Keep Reading

Tips for Quality Call Centre Outsourcing

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Customer Support

Choosing the Right Company for Effective Customer Support Services

The use of customer call centers has become an effective telemarketing tool for providing effective customer service and support, and for increasing sales.

Despite the acknowledged usefulness of call centers, not all firms, agencies or organizations can afford to establish in-house customer call centers.

The reasons may vary from the cost of hiring and training call center operators, cost of acquiring a hosted call center or even the lack of business space for the all-important technology-based marketing tool. Keep Reading

Six Sigma Principles

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Six Sigma

Lean Principles of Six Sigma

The concept of Six sigma strives to eliminate defects to an extent of reducing the failure risk to a mere 3.4 parts per million for every transaction service or product.

Six sigma actually stands for Six Standard Deviations (Sigma is a Greek letter that represents standard deviation in statistics). It is a comprehensive methodology that follows an extremely flexible system to achieve, sustain and maximize business success.

The core of sigma is based on understanding the needs of the customer, accurate and disciplined use of statistical data and factual information and constant engagement in managing, improving and reinventing the work modules. Keep Reading

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